Why Solar


A simple question with a simple answer. Solar power is clean and it is cheap. It is also reliable, safe and silent.


Solar is unique method of generating electricity in that it emits no CO2 or any other pollutants. The ongoing energy source, sunlight, is free and plentiful. There may be some CO2 produced in the manufacturing of panels (depending on the manufacturer’s power source) but this is cancelled out early in the life of the equipment.


Over the last few years, the international solar industry has developed rapidly, and consequently the price of panels has dropped dramatically. If one considers the cost of a system against the electricity it will produce over its life, the cost per Kilowatt hour (Kwh) is well below that of power from the grid.


In essence, installing a solar system is paying for decades of clean energy in advance. Even with a financing cost, solar is a winner. Ask us about calculating payback periods and return on investment projections when doing your solar sums.