Energy Management

The simplest way to save money on your energy bills is to manage your usage more efficiently. Basic energy management is when common sense meets clever devices. Advanced energy management systems are when the best building practices meets the latest smart technology. 

We offer obligation-free advice on everything from sophisticated energy storage and monitoring systems to the use of efficient appliances and lighting.

Ask us how you can better manage your current and future power consumption.

We provide a complimentary energy assessment and some simple advice with every solar installation quote. At the other end of the spectrum, we can offer detailed energy audits and fully costed efficiency plans for businesses with a more complex consumption profile. There is a negotiable fee for this service but we contend that the savings will quickly reimburse the cost.

Solar Energy Storage

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One of the most useful tools to manage energy use is a monitoring system. This can vary from a small device to measure the power drawn by one appliance, to a Wi-Fi monitor that measures your total energy draw in real time. Some inverters now allow for the system to be monitored remotely, either by the manufacturer or by the consumer via a mobile app.

Energy Audits and Efficiency Plans

A detailed energy audit can identify and quantify your power consumption. This is the first step towards increasing efficiency and saving money. Whether you are a householder or a large commercial consumer, we can offer fully costed solutions tailored for your circumstances.


We offer a free energy assessment and advice with all solar quotes. Or if you prefer, we can produce a more detailed efficiency plan and  quote on any work required.

Small & Medium Enterprises

Many smaller businesses have the ideal energy use profile to fully utilize solar energy, particularly if they operate mostly during daylight hours. If the solar power generated is consumed rather than sold cheaply to the grid, the pay back periods can be quite short. Thereafter, it’s almost free energy and a better bottom line.

Is a power failure a major concern to you? We can supply battery back-up systems as an uninterrupted power supply, so your computers and equipment stay on and you can remain productive for several hours should the grid fail.

Large Power Users

Many businesses with over a 100-amp connection to the grid have a different billing type than smaller energy users. Typically, they pay far less per Kilowatt-hour, but pay very large access fees – sometimes thousands per month. This makes supplementary solar power a less attractive proposition as it extends the payback period. But we can still help.

If this is you, or even if you don’t understand your power bill, then please contact us. We have saved business users thousands by assisting them to manage their energy use more efficiently.