Eco Friendly Heating

Design Ecology are proud to be the South Australian distributor for Artel Pellet Heaters.

The Artel Wood Pellet Heater Range has a number of advanced features that make these pellet heaters easy to use, requires much less effort, and are a clean alternative in terms of their impact on both the environment and your home.

If you are sick of chopping, loading, and buying firewood -AND sick of the continual maintenance attributed to wood heaters. Pellet Heaters are a fantastic enviro-friendly heating option, that are automatic, and extremely low maintenance. As a bonus they have extremely low emissions, are asthma and allergin friendly.

Ask us about the benefits of these fantastic units.


Wood pellets are a solid biomass fuel composed of wood shavings or sawdust pressed in to 6-8mm diameter cylinders. The pressing occurs at 60- 70 deg Celsius and contains no additives but utilizes the natural lignin present in the wood as a natural glue. This means pellets are an ecologically friendly product and does not produce polluting emission during combustion.

Lignin is a complex chemical compound most commonly derived from wood, and an integral part of the secondary cell walls of plants