Environmental Energy Solutions


Design Ecology is not just a name – it’s what we do. We provide clever energy solutions which are both environmentally and financially sustainable. With over 20 years of Solar Industry Experience within our team – We know Solar!





Worried about rising energy costs and grid instability? We all know that coal, gas and oil are finite, ever more expensive resources. Did you know that the sun delivers more energy to the planet every hour than humankind consumes in a year? Even better, this supply is guaranteed for billions of years.

So why not future-proof your electricity supply? Put the sun and the latest technology to work and secure your energy needs and also control the price. We can design a custom Solar System to save you money, AND keep your lights on when the grid goes down. Your very own Power Station on your roof.

Every solar solution is different. The physical attributes of the site and the specific power needs of the consumer vary. Solar systems need to be expertly designed to achieve the best results.

Custom solar power, solar storage and energy management systems that save you money and reduce pollution

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